Church Steeple Gets a Facelift!!!

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Steeple Repair


Special thanks to Paul Nulton, of the volunteer services of the Synod of New York, for organizing and coordinating our volunteer efforts.  Paul was the man in the manlift cage most of the time who made sure this job got done.  Special thanks to David Kwak who took a week off to be in the cage helping.  Thanks go to Craig Agor our carpenter who replaced a lot of the wood on the steeple and took some days off to help.  We also thank Ed Biro who took some days off to be up there helping Paul Nulton in the cage.  Special thanks to Carol Lohrman who painted the ornamentation on the peaks and the railing on the handicapped ramp.  Thanks go to Ted Conklin who repaired our front steps and painted much of the handicap ramp railing.  Special thanks to Nick Dionisio who was up in the cage for a few days.  Thanks also to Bill Lohrman and Ted Conklin who paid for the new weather vane at the top.  Special thanks to Andrew Colopy who spent a few days up in the cage.  A big thanks to Curt Colopy who got us the manlift through Paul Colucci  and helped out with clean up and coordination of help and painting the handicap ramp and steeple.  Special thanks to Leeland Freer who spent a time up in the cage and painting the steeple railing.  Thanks to Jim Freer who also helped paint the steeple railing.  Special thanks to Iris Shuttinger who helped paint the railing on the handicap ramp. Thanks to Ed and Charlotte Biro who gave Paul Nulton a place to stay.  Thanks to all the ladies who provide wonderful meals each day for the volunteers.



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