323 Christmas Shoeboxes!!!


††† On Nov. 11 there was great rejoicing in the church as the Christmas Shoebox total reached 323.For nine years now the church has been asking our members to make shoeboxes for Samaritanís Purse Christmas Shoe box project.This mission project is as simple as filling a shoebox with toys, school supplies and hygiene items for children in third world countries who have never received a Christmas gift.From the first year when we made around 35 shoeboxes to now when we made almost ten times that amount.Several years ago Pastor Gary challenged each family to make 10 shoeboxes and set the goal at 300.Last year we came in at 240 but this year was different.Vivian Beatty, who recently died in car accident, challenged the senior citizens of Gardiner and New Paltz to make boxes.They made 23 boxes.†† Brittney LaMark challenged her 4-H club to make boxes and they brought in 25 more.But the bulk of the boxes were from our church members.Pastor Gary and his family made 35.The Consistory of the church made 30.Many families of the church took up the challenge to make ten and several made 15-20.Vivian Beatty gave $1050 to cover the postage on 150 boxes.The boxes will be transported to Goodwill Presbyterian church and then shipped by truck to Boone, North Carolina to be inspected and then shipped overseas.Our prayer is that along with the gifts a booklet containing the Gospel message will be read by the children and their families.†††††††