Text Box: Text Box:     Our next major event will be Iron Sharpens Iron on March 10th.  (see article below)  After that there will be Promisekeepers in June at the Pepsi arena in Albany.  
    During the Summer and the Fall there will be Men’s Tres Dias’ that are wonderful opportunities to grow.  We want to be a church where men and women love to come to church.  
Next Men’s Breakfast will March 18th at 7:30am.  Come and see!  
Text Box:     Every first and third Saturday the men have been getting together for breakfast and a time of fellowship.  They meet at 7:30am and everything is over by Text Box: 9am.  Last time Nick led the devotions and we talked about garbage that we are all carrying around and how Jesus takes on our garbage (sin) if we give it over to him.  
    Last year Pastor Gary, Nick and Bill went to a seminar on “Why Men Hate to Go to Church”.  It was there they saw how important it is for men to have some kind of support where they can share and get to know the other men in church.  
Text Box: Men’s breakfast Gets off to a good start!
Text Box: Iron Sharpens Iron conference
Text Box: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  Prov. 27:17
On March 10th at the Loudonville Community Church in Loudonville near Albany there will be an Iron Sharpens Iron conference for men.  The Saturday will Text Box: consist of worship, seminars, exhibitors, and Resources for men.  Here are some of the seminars: 
A Prayer Strategy for Men
A Beauty to Rescue: The Fight for Your Wife
Text Box: Money on Loan from God
How to Raise the Next Generation to Keep the Faith.  
Contact Pastor Gary  if you would like to go.

Text Box: Gardiner Reformed Church
Text Box: March 2007
Text Box:            
Text Box: Good News from Gardiner
Text Box: Mark Your   Calendar:
March 4th– Bill and Deb Gulino doing Praise Music
March 11th-Installation of new officers (Turn Your Clocks Ahead!!!!)
March 25th– Daffodil Sunday
April 8th– Easter Sunday, Alpha Begins
April 22nd- Clean up Sunday
May 5th– Church Yard Sale

January Financial Report

Income                 7,921

Expenses            11,240

Difference           -3,319